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Id also like to add Dale has got these days no problem as holiday pay and when I said I’d take it as unpaid she told me it was too short notice yet he gave it to Dale no problem despite the fact we asked at the same fucking time??????


Just wanna say good luck to the friend who’s probably gonna lose her job today. I dunno if what you’re doing is the wisest move, especially considering your circumstances, but if it’s what you think is right…

I’m not gonna get maternity leave either way I’m just gonna get maternity allowance which is what JSA people get thanks to my contract.

The problems stemming from the fact they are denying me my holidays which I am entitled too simply because I was off last week (through no fault of my own) so I’ve had the choice of grinning and bearing it or just refusing the shifts which I can do as a bank staff. If I refuse the shifts it means they can cut my hours but they still need to give me the holiday pay I am entitled too because I’ve worked to earn it.

I’m not that fussed about getting that time off in November honestly it’s the way the manager treated me and brought up the fact that I was ill last week which should have never came up in the first place because that has nothing to do with anything and then the fact she lied to me telling me I have no holidays left when I’ve only used 6 days worth of holidays yet have worked my butt off since April (holiday reset date). When I went to citzens advice they calculated my holidays based on what I work on average a week (16.5) and believe me I have more holidays than they are wanting to give me.

I honestly can’t see them cutting my hours but it is a possibility but considering I’m the only one who fucking turns up to my shifts and provides cover I doubt they’ll be that stupid.

hrdept.co.uk if you also need advice. Apparently they are very good and it’s all confidential.

Thanks I might use them later down the line since I’m probably away to create a shit storm.

Wow that post posted late. I’ve been to citzens advice turns out I am entitled to holiday pay and I can just take it as unpaid leave. So yeah fuck her. I’ve also been told a lot of other things so yeah tomorrow will be interesting.

My manager just causes fucking mayhem when she is in the building. She’s such a judgemental cow who doesn’t realise how the real world fucking works.

I’d also like to know how the fuck could I have worked here a whole year and a few months and only got two weeks worth of leave when I’ve been working at least 16.5 every fucking week sometimes working 30 hours a week to cover shifts and stay behind to help out. Oh wait no I do have more annual leave this snooty bitch just isn’t giving it too me cause I was off ill last week!

To say I am raging is an understatement I am going down to citzens advice as soon as I finish my work and I am telling them everything. The laws they’ve broke with me the way I’ve been treated the fact they accused me of lying last week before I ended up in hospital. Everything is being spilled don’t give a fuck if I lose my job now over it.

…We proved them wrong.