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Going to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 tonight. Can’t wait :3



That awful moment when you wake up.

this happens to me like every day it’s annoying

I wouldn’t be too annoyed if I had actually got a say in where we were going, but I haven’t. I’ve just been told ‘Oh we’re going to York in September and I’ve booked it in with the work for both of us’

If I’d got to choose where we were going and it was just me and Dale then I’d be k but it’s the fact it’s with his Grandparents and it’s pretty much where they want to go… so it’s just gonna be a week of me being dragged around by his Gran looking at historical stuff I don’t actually care about and pretending to be interested. This is gonna be the most exhausting holiday ever.

So apparently I’m going on holiday in September with Dale and his Grandparents…

I really, really do not want to go but Dales already booked it in with my boss and stuff so I’ve barely even gotten a choice. I just found this all out today.

I’m really annoyed.



If you ever hate or are embarrassed by the Naruto fandom, just remember it didn’t join in an alliance with One Piece and Bleach and make something embarrassing like SuperWhoLock.

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those times when you stretch and end up cracking a joint so loud its just







Nevermind nevermind it’s because it’s a US word and it’s normally used to describe people from China and Japan. Okay I understand now why it’s a racist term  and why I’ve never once heard it. It’s a US racist slur.